upcoming & Past Performances

2/27/18 Rhizome, Takoma Park DC @8pm (http://dc-soniccircuits.org/shows/02-27-2018-rhizome-285/


2/25/18 Goethe Institute, DC 2-4pm w/Steve Arnold Quartet (original music)

8pm - Bun Shop, Mt.Vernon Baltimore w/Chris Pumphrey, "Music for Quiet Spaces"

8:30pm - Holy Underground, Baltimore w/Heterdyne


2/24/18 Viaduct Salon, Takoma Park MD @8pm w/Heterodyne


2/18/18 Rhizome, Takoma Park DC @ 8pm Quilt Music w/David Scanlon


2/17/18 WOWD-LP 94.3FM Streaming at Takomaradio.org w/host, Bobby Hill. Improvisation with vocalist Ami Yamasaki.


2/15/18 Smithsonian American Art Museum, Kogod Courtyard Take 5! Series Tribute to Ornette Coleman: Griffith Kazmierczak, trumpet   Luke Stewart, bass   Nate Scheible, drums


2/9/18 Creative Alliance, Baltimore @7pm (Guest spot: Pre-concert interview plus sitting in with Melissa Aldana)


2/3/18 Spanish Ballroom w/New Old Fashioneds


1/28/18 The Crown, Baltimore MD @8pm w/Dylan Schumann's Screaming Art Ensemble


1/24/18 Sotto, Washington DC @ 7-10pm w/Sing Song Trio (Steve Arnold, bass & Jack Kilby, drums) arrangements of popular songs and Jazz standards


1/19/18 The CopyCat, Baltimore MD @ 9pm w/Layne Garrett & art installation


1/17/18 Electric Maiden, Takoma Park DC @ 7pm w/Aaron Rubinstein


1/14/18 The Crown, Baltimore MD @10pm w/SHE + LoiLoi + Sarah and the Safe Word +Joy on Fire


1/11/18 An Die Musik, Baltimore MD @8pm w/Heterodyne & Joy on Fire


1/4/18 Rhizome, Takoma Park DC @8pm w/Layne Garrett noise and Nik Francis drums


August 4, 2017 @ 8pm

An Die Musik in Baltimore, MD w/ Tarus Mateen-electric bass, Tony Martucci- drums


July 23, 2017 @ 4 - 5pm

Capital Fringe in DC. Solo improvised set.


July 9, 2017 @ 8 - 11pm

Twins Jazz in DC w/ Tarus Mateen- electric bass, Tyler Leak- drums.

"Calling All Voices" is a request, or an offering, for audience members, be they horn players, vocalists, poets, preachers, rappers, spoken word artists, dancers...really anyone with a free voice that wants to express themselves, to join me on stage to participate in free improvisation pieces with me and my bandmates who are Tarus Mateen on bass and Tyler Leak on drums.

It's kind of like a jam session but we are not playing jazz standards. This jam will be the last half of each set, depending on audience interest and willingness. Other than this experiment, the band will play some of my new original music and perhaps a jazz standard or two. I've been writing a tune a day for the past week, please come share in their materializing!


July 8, 2017 @ afternoon TBA

Hirshorn Gallery in DC. Improvised music with Layne Garrett, Nate Scheible, Chartamia Turner. Performance will be outdoors.


July 7, 2017 @ 9pm - 12am

Mobtown Ballroom? in Baltimore, MD. Swing Dance Band w/ Sam Balcom-drums and other fun people. Details TBA.


July 6, 2017 @ 6:30 - 8:30pm

Decatur House in DC for JAZZ ON JACKSON PLACE, Burnett Thompson's summer series. Featuring my trio with Tarus Mateen- electric bass, Tony Martucci- drums. Jazz, Improv, and Original music.



July 1, 2017 @ 8pm

Mr. Henry's in DC w/ Shannon Gunn and the Bullettes


June 25, 2017 @ 7pm

Private house concert with folk/pop band "Shrinking Violets" Julia Murdock- vocals/violin, Darryl Murdock- guitar/vocals, Michael DeLaFluer, bass guitar/vocals


June 24, 2017 @ 8pm

Creative Alliance in Baltimore, MD. THE BIG SHOW Community Showcase and Fundraiser.  I will preview Improv Games with myself on saxophone + _______?


June 21, 2017 @ 1 - 2pm

University of Maryland Hospital in Baltimore, MD. Pro bono concert in music therapy division with renaissance man/veteran Aaron Thomas- sax


June 16, 2017 @ 8pm

Rhizome in Takoma Park, DC. Duo w/ Nate Scheible- drums. Bill with Dave Scanlon- guitar/vocals, and Xenga + Marc Miller w/Jarrett Gilgore-sax, Ian McColm-drums


June 11, 2017 @ 6:30pm - 9:30pm

Brixton in DC. Hosting the Sunday Jam Session by Will Stephens (drums)


June 11, 2017 @ 2:30pm

Takoma Park Jazz Festival in Takoma Park, MD w/Shannon Gunn and the Bullettes wsg from NYC, Carol Morgan-trumpet


June 5, 2017 @ 8pm

Rhizome in Takoma Park, DC w/ Creative Music Workshop Players opening for Tristan Hosinger's composition THE SEA


May 28, 2017 @ 3pm

Real Art Ways in Hartford, CN. Joe Morris and Stephen Haynes' SPECTACLE 2017. Bill includes William Parker /contrabass violin and more Hamid Drake / drums and percussion Mixashawn Rozie / saxophones, flutes Daniel Carter / saxophones, trumpet Fay Victor / voice Jin Hi Kim / komungo Jerome Deupree /drums and percussion Sarah Hughes / alto saxophone Rex Bennett / trombone Gabe Terracciano / violin Jacob Means / mandolin and mandocello Rob Oxoby / contrabass violin Stephen Haynes / cornets, flugelhorn Joe Morris / guitar, contrabass violin


May 26, 2017 @ 8pm

THE STONE in New York City w/ Anthony Coleman - piano/compositions residency, Alexandria Smith-trumpet, Ron Anderson-guitar, Simon Hanes-bass, Connor Baker-drums


May 25, 2017 @ 6:30pm - 9:30pm

Bar Dupont in DC. Solo saxophone & alcohol/food/talking/fresh air on the patio/Jazz/Improv


May 24, 2017 @ 7pm

An Die Musik in Baltimore, MD w/ DiDi - The Ghost on vocals, Josh Espinoza - piano, Kris Monson - bass, Nasar Abadey - drums.  Blues in the style of Billie Holiday.


May 20, 2017 @ 11am

Music & Arts Center in Greenbelt, MD.  Introductory group lessons. Try me out as an instructor, complimentary.


May 19, 2017 @ 7pm

American Visionary Arts Museum in Baltimore, MD w/ Ensemble Volcanic Ash. Music by Janel Leppin, fundraiser for University of Maryland DREAM scholarship


May 15, 2017 @ 8pm

Rhizome in Takoma Park, DC w/ The Creative Music Workshop Players. We are the opening set for Jack Wright - saxophone, Aaron Martin - saxophone, Anthony Pirog - guitar, Luke Stewart - bass, and Scott Verrastro - drums


May 7, 2017 @ 8 - 10pm

Epicure in Fairfax, VA w/ Shannon Gunn - trombone & compositions, Rachel Therrein - trumpet, Karine Chapdelaine - bass, Angel Bethea - drums. First set is Billy Wolfe's Tristano project.


April 30, 2017 @ 4 - 6pm

Armory Cafe in Somerville, MA, duo w/ Jacob Hiser - piano.  Second set is Anthony Coleman - solo piano.


April 23, 2017 @ 6pm

George Washington University in DC w/ Cati Sesana - drums. Playing jazz standards for Cati's senior recital.


April 21, 2017 @ 9pm

Red Room in Baltimore, MD w/ Sam Burt- bass clarinet & electronics


April 9, 2017 @ 11am

Community Church of Boston in Boston, duo w/ Ben Schwendener - piano and lecture/talk after on walls and migration.


March 22, 2017 @ 8pm

Rhizome in Takoma Park, DC. Duo w/Nate Scheible- drums. Improvised music.


March 19, 2017 @ 8pm

Joe Squared in Baltimore, MD w/Dan Wallace- tenor, Andrew Young - drums. Improvised music.


March 10th, 2017 @ 8pm

Bowie State University w/Swedish Saxophonist Biggi Vinkeloe, Amy K Bormet- piano, Karine Chapdelaine- bass, and Savannah Harris- drums


March 1st, 2017 @ 7:00pm

Hill Center w/Ana Barreiro Ensemble as part of the Washington Women in Jazz Festival


February 25th, 2017 @ 9pm

Atlas Performing Arts Center w/Amy K Bormet's Ephemera and the Capital City Symphony as part of Intersection Festival and the Washington Women in Jazz Festival. Premiere of my composition "How to Vanquish a Wolf" (re-imagining of themes of Prokofiev's "Peter and Wolf", original narration performed by Keanna Faircloth).


February 11th, 2017 @ 8pm

The Fringe in DC w/Janel Leppin Volcanic Ash Ensemble opening for Nicole Mitchell's Black Earth Ensemble


February 5th, 2017 @ 8pm

Twins Jazz Club in Washington DC w/Tarus Mateen on bass, Tony Martucci on drums. Free play and my original music.


February 5th, 2017 @ 4-6pm

Burnett Thompson's Masterclass Series, location TBA in Fall's Church, VA. Speaking about my experiences as a musician.


February 1st, 2017 @ 6:30 - 8:30pm

Robert Harper Books in Riverdale Park, MD. Unleashed! Collective Improvisation Workshop.  $10 suggested donation for participatory workshop facilitated by myself


January 26th, 2017 @ 9pm

The Bun Shop in Baltimore, MD for the Creative Music Consortium w/Chris Young, Asher Herzog, and Derrick Michaels


January 21st, 2017 @ 11:30pm

TBA in Arlington, VA house concert with vocalist Caitlin Gjerdrum and pianist Chris McCarthy


January 21st, 2017 @ 8-11pm

Mr.Henry's in Washington, DC w/Shannon Gunn


January 20th, 2017 @ 8:50pm - 1am

Kogod Theater/Dardanella Inaugural Dance Celebration in Washington, DC w/Shannon Gunn & the Bullettes.


January 15th, 2017 @ 6-9pm

Poplar Spring Resort in Warrenton, VA w/Shannon Gunn (trb), Michael Kramer (guitar)


January 14th, 2017 @ 9:10pm

Tropicalia, Jazz & Freedom Festival in Washington, DC w/Jazz and Freedom Quartet: Shannon Gunn, trombone (leader)    Tarus Mateen, bass     Allen Jones, drums


January 14th, 2017 @ 2-4pm

Robert Harper Books in Riverdale Park, MD. Performance of my original poetry accompanied by myself on saxophone and guitar.


January 11th, 2017 @ 7 - 9pm

Bakers & Baristas in Washington, DC w/Victor Ray Holmes on bass


December 31st, 2016 @ 6pm and 10:30pm

     Millennium Stage, Kennedy Center in Washington, DC w/Shannon Gunn & the Bullettes


November 16th, 2016 @ 8:15pm

     TBA in Towson, MD w/Derek Wiegmann


November 14th, 2016 @ 8pm

     Rhizome in Washington, DC *SOLO SET* w/other sets by Tom Blancarte, Dan Barbiero/Gary

     Rouzer/Nate Schieble


November 9th, 2016 @ TBA

     Windup Space in Baltimore, MD w/Ben Frock


November 3rd, 2016 @ 7pm

     Stoltz Listening Room at the Avalon Theater in Easton, MD w/Bruit

     Jax Morgia-Martone (v), Eric Brightfield (g), Joe Martone (b)


October 16th, 2016 @ 4pm - 6pm

     Meade Memorial Episcopal Church in Alexandria, VA w/The Yvonne Johnson Quartet


October 15th, 2016 @ 8pm - 11pm

     Mr. Henry's in Washington, DC w/Shannon Gunn and the Bullettes


October 11th, 2016 @ 8pm - 11pm

     Columbia Station in Washington, DC w/Shannon Gunn (trb), Tarus Mateen (b), Issaya

     Whitesides (d)


October 6th, 2016 @ 5:15pm - 8:15pm

     Phillips Collection in Washington, DC w/The Yvonne Johnson Quartet


October 1st, 2016 @ 2:30pm - 3:15pm

     Arts on the Avenue in Del Ray, VA w/Shannon Gunn and the Bullettes


September 29th, 2016 @ 8pm

The Whole Gallery in Baltimore, MD for Creative Music Consortium


September 28th, 2016 @ 8:30pm

13.5% Wine Bar in Baltimore, MD w/ Derek Wiegmann - bass, Mike Kuhl - drums


September 22nd, 2016 @ 9pm

Kava Shteeble in Brooklyn, NY for Variousound Sessions w/SAGA. Tyler Gilmore to perform first set at 8pm and Yeonathan Sachar soundpainting at 10pm


September 17th, 2016 @ 12 - 2:45pm

Lawn of National Cathedral for Dardanella: The Great Gatsby Part on the Lawn w/Shannon Gunn and the Bullettes


September 8th, 2016 @ 8pm

WeWork for Sofar Sounds Series, Washington DC w/Caitlin Gjerdrum, Jake Finck, and Derek Wiegmann


September 2nd, 2016 @ 9pm

Velvet Lounge in Washington, DC w/Luke Stewart


August 25th, 2016 @ 8:30pm



August 15th, 2016 @ 8pm

Jeff's mom's house in Richmond, VA w/Lead Bubbles wsg Kevin Eichenberger & Bryan Connolly


August 8th, 2016 @ 7pm

The Emmet Ray in Toronto w/ LEAD BUBBLES


August 7th, 2016 @ 8:30pm

La Passe in Montreal w/ LEAD BUBBLES


August 5th, 2016 @ 8pm

The Owl Music Parlor in Brooklyn, NY w/ LEAD BUBBLES, additional set by Mattrey/Bordeuil/Ali


August 4th, 2016 @ 7pm

Shapeshifter Lab in Brooklyn, NY w/ LEAD BUBBLES wsg CHARMAINE LEE, solo set by Brandon Lopez


August 3rd, 2016 @ 7:30pm

Rhizome in Washington, DC w/ LEAD BUBBLES, additional sets by PraxisCat, Janet, Dura


August 2nd, 2016 @ 8:30pm

5th Dimension in Baltimore, MD w/ LEAD BUBBLES, solo sets by Derrick Michaels and Derek Wiegmann


August 1st, 2016 @ 9pm

Home Furniture in Richmond, VA w/ LEAD BUBBLES